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Optical Products

TEW's optical Components are the products utilizing the optical property (double reflection) of quartz crystal. TEW is producing high grade optical components by using selected defect-free grade synthetic quartz crystals.

Wave Plate

Quartz crystal wave plate is an optical device to produce phase difference between ordinary and extraordinary ray by using double refraction property of quartz crystal. The wave plates are used for optical pickup of DVD and for liquid crystal projector.

Single Plate Type
Lower price wave plate using only one plate
Double Plate Type (Zero Order Type)
  • Less wave length dependence for incident ray
  • Few phase difference change caused by incident angle change
Wave Plate

Quartz crystal substrate for LCD projector

Quartz crystal substrate for LCD projector

The quartz crystal has a better balance in both thermal conductivity and cost when it is compared with the current sapphire or glass substrate.

Quartz crystal substrate for LCD projector

Standard Specification

Item Specification
Outer dimensions (tolerance) 40 x 40mm max. (0.2mm)
Thickness (tolerance) 0.3mm min. (0.1mm)
Angular tolerance of optical axis ±1° .
Defect ≤ 100µm
Reflectivity (one side AR coating) < 1% (420 to 680nm)

Substrate Having Other Dimensions

Dimension (mm) Thickness (mm)
36 x 30 0.7
28 x 22 0.5 to 0.7
25.5 x 25.5 2.0
23.5 x 20 0.5 to 1.4
20 x 18 0.5
φ26 x 16 1.4

*Substrate with/without AR coating is available.
*Chamfer of each corner or edge is available.
*Substrate for special requirement is available.


Home > Products > Crystal Product > Optical Products
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